What is Membership Booth?

Membership Booth is a customized online membership portal where your members can purchase, renew or upgrade their memberships directly with you. Your member database is automatically updated as new memberships are purchased and existing memberships are renewed.

Who does Membership Booth serve?

Membership Booth is specifically designed to serve organizations that sell memberships with admission benefits, such as botanical gardens, museums, zoos, aquariums and science centers.

Can my members look up their memberships on Membership Booth?

Yes, exactly! Membership Booth is a complete membership management system for both you and your members. Existing members look up and renew their exact memberships so expiration dates are updated instantly. New memberships are directly saved to your membership list for immediate use. Membership Booth maintains your membership database for you without the need for any additional administrative steps.

What about mailed and in-person payments?

You can login to your member database at any time to add additional members or to renew, edit or download member information as needed.

Does Membership Booth provide membership cards?

Yes, Membership Booth distributes and maintains digital membership cards in your style and brand that can be used from any smartphone or printed from home. Our digital membership cards are available for immediate use by new and renewing members. You can also choose to distribute your own physical membership cards to all (or select) members and they will be fully compatible with Membership Booth.

How are member admissions handled?

Membership Booth includes full access to our "Admission Scan" service that allows you to simply scan membership cards for admission. This internet-based system provides you with the most up-to-date expiration dates and benefit levels so recently purchased or renewed memberships can be used immediately.

How does Membership Booth process payments?

All payments are made directly to you using a secure payment processor of your choice. Membership Booth does not charge any transaction or revenue-sharing fees. We can typically integrate with any major payment gateway (such as Authorize.net) to use with your merchant account. If you are new to online payments, you can choose to use services such as PayPal or Stripe.

Can we also collect donations with Membership Booth?

Absolutely. Each time a member buys, renews or upgrades a membership, Membership Booth asks if they’d like to make an additional donation. Likewise, if someone is visiting your Membership Booth to make a donation, they are asked if they'd also like to purchase a membership. Membership Booth does not charge any transaction or revenue-sharing fees and all payments are made directly to you.

What does Membership Booth cost?

Member organizations are charged a flat monthly fee based on size. There are no additional transaction fees, service fees or revenue sharing of any kind and all our features are included.

Do you offer a free trial or demo?

Yes! Your first 30 days of Membership Booth is free so you can fully evaluate our service with no further obligation to purchase.

Can we cancel at any time?

Membership Booth is billed on a month-to-month basis. You can cancel at any time before your next service month begins.

How does Membership Booth integrate with our website?

Making Membership Booth available to your members is as simple as placing one or more links (or buttons) to it on your website. Membership Booth acts as an extension of your website, customized with your name, logo, membership levels, prices and matching color scheme.

Contact us with questions or to request a no-obligation demo for your organization. See exactly how Membership Booth can work for you!

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