Automate membership sales, renewals and admissions
Provide a full-featured, online Membership Booth for your members!
Membership Booth allows your members to purchase, renew, upgrade or simply confirm their membership details online. New memberships are issued immediately and renewals updated instantly.

Digital membership cards with unique barcodes are issued to new members immediately at checkout for same-day admission benefits

Our admission scanning system is included so you can view accurate expiration dates and benefit levels at your attraction entrance

If you choose to provide physical cards, printed expiration dates and levels can be omitted. No need to re-print cards with each renewal!

Collect additional donations with each sale, renewal or upgrade

All payment information is routed directly to your payment service using a secure payment gateway. No revenue sharing with us.

You can add additional members and renew or edit any memberships as needed. We'll help you support your processes and requirements!

Easy, one-link integration and theme to match your current website

Contact us with questions or to request a no-obligation demo for your organization. See exactly how Membership Booth can work for you!

The Milwaukee Domes saves time and money using Membership Booth!  Read how